Find out how much whiplash compensation you are entitled to by using our Whiplash Compensation Calculator.

Remember, we are not selling or actively promoting anything on this compensation advice site, so the estimates shown are a fair amount. They have not been inflated as a lot of companies do, but are here to serve a reasonable and realistic compensation calculation. Wouldn’t you rather you got some honest figures, than fighting your way through a claims process, only to receive a fraction of the amount you were lead to believe you would get?

The Whiplash Compensation Calculator

The legal bit: Please bear in mind that the figures produced from the whiplash compensation calculator are estimates (but are based on previous experience in the field) and shouldn’t represent an exact figure or have any bearing on your compensation claim. The whiplash claim calculator will give you a ball park figure based on other claims for whiplash compensation and shouldn’t be considered legally binding or as factual information as each claim is completely unique, with a wide variety of factors, such as financial loss, severity, and how long the injury lasts.

Also it is strongly recommended you read our impartial whiplash compensation guide for more information and tips for successful claims.

whiplash compensation calculator

Whiplash Compensation Calculator:

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